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India Real Estate Funds

This is a significant component of the Indian realty market flooded with Indian and foreign financial institutions. The growing increase in the industrial, commercial and residential projects have boosted the real estate market in India. This has thrown open unlimited scope for the incoming of the India Real Estate Funds. The profits have encouraged financial assistance from not only domestic funds but also lured many foreign investors to participate in the India Real Estate Fund.

The cooperating assistance from the government has further encouraged liquidity flow into the India real estate market sector. The foreign contributions in the India Real Estate Fund have been witnessing a steady rise of 40%-45% per year. The domestic financial institutions have also build up their investments like their foreign counterparts. This combined participations from both along with contributions of the corporate houses has accelerated the growth of India Real Estate Fund.

Some of the leading India Real Estate Fund are:

1. HDFC Property Fund- HDFC India Real Estate Fund (HI-REF), the first scheme HDFC Property Fund, invest in all the stages of the real estate projects.

2. DHFL Venture Capital Fund- DHFL Venture Capital Fund, promoted by Dewan Housing, has a focus on developing properties rather than investing in real estate.

3. Kshitij Venture Capital Fund – Kshitij Venture Capital Fund, a group venture of Pantaloon Retail India Ltd., will be deploying funds exclusively in developing malls specially in western and southern India.

4. India Advantage Fund (ICICI)

5. Kotak Mahindra Realty Fund

o India Real Estate Mutual Fund: